Associació Obrera de Concerts

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Associació Obrera de Concerts
  • Any de constitució: 1926
    Any de dissolució: 1937
    Music society founded in 1926 under the initiative of Pau Casals, together with leaders of the Ateneu Politècnic de Barcelona. The society’s mission was to bring classical music to the working class. Thanks to very economic fees, the association reached 300,000 members. The concerts were offered mainly by the Pau Casals Orchestra and the venue was the Palau de la Música Catalana and the Teatre Circ Olympia, (which has now disappeared). From the very first concert in 1926 until 1936, there was a continuous activity was with two annual seasons of three concerts each. The concerts included the participation of renowned international soloists eager to participate in the social project. The society held its last recital on June 6, 1937, with Mercè Plantada and Pere Vallribera.