Gracià Tarragó Pons
Graciano Tarragó Pons
16 d'abril de 1892
Barcelona , 27 de febrer de 1973


Guitarist, viola player and composer

Although he studied violin and viola at the Conservatory of the Liceu in Barcelona and at the Real Conservatorio de Madrid, he was influenced above all by Miquel Llobet’s guitar études. In 1916, he began teaching guitar at the Ainaud Academy. At the same time, he was violin soloist of the Pau Casals Orchestra and violinist of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, the orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu and founding member of the Quartet Ibèric. In 1971, he was appointed guitar professor at the Conservatori del Liceu and founded the Quartet de guitarres Tarragó, with which he made concerts around Europe. He composed music in a nationalist and post-romantic style, such as Estudis de concert and Record a Tàrrega. He published several transcriptions and arrangements for the guitar such as the 17th and 18th-century songs for vihuela and voice he recorded in 1953 with Victoria de los Ángeles for the BBC.

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