Coral Sant Jordi

i formacions històriques
Coral Sant Jordi
  • Any de constitució: 1947
    Any de dissolució: Fins l'actualitat
    Choir founded in 1947 by Oriol Martorell. Since its foundation, the choir understood associative choir singing as a social and cultural commitment with the country and with the fight against Francoism for the restoration of democratic institutions. Thus, social and cultural action were intrinsically linked, creating a choir repertoire based on ideals of European modernity, Catalan culture and the innovation in the fields of jazz and contemporary music. The choir took part in the À Choeur Joie and Europa Cantat movements and collaborated with figures such as Sergiu Celibidache and Duke Ellington. In 1962, Dolors Bonal and Maria Martorell promoted the creation of the children's choir L'Esquitx. The Sant Jordi became a reference of a new, modern and transformative movement that spread throughout the country, with concerts, collaborations with orchestras and musicians, and edition of songbooks. Jordi Noguera, Lluís Vila i Casañas and Oriol Castanyer succeeded Oriol Martorell as conductors.