Compositors Independents de Catalunya

i formacions històriques
Compositors Independents de Catalunya
  • Noms alternatius:
    Grup dels Vuit

    Any de constitució: 1929
    Any de dissolució: 1936
    Association of composers formed by Eduard Toldrà, Manuel Blancafort, Robert Gerhard, Ricard Lamote de Grignon, Frederic Mompou, Baltasar Samper, Agustí Grau and Joan Gibert Camins. It arose as Blancafort was commissioned to write a monograph on the state of Catalan music creation in La Nova Revista (1927-1929). The association lasted only between 1929 and 1936, a period during which Jaume Pahissa and Cristòfor Taltabull also became members. Historically, this group has been ascribed to the Noucentisme aesthetic, although some of its members belonged to the avant-garde. Nevertheless, they all aimed to defend their Catalan roots in their compositions and had an international scope. The group disbanded in 1936 after the start of the war.