Conservatori de Barcelona

i formacions històriques
Conservatori de Barcelona
  • Noms alternatius:
    Conservatori Municipal de Música de Barcelona
    Escola Municipal de Música de Barcelona

    Any de constitució: 1886
    Any de dissolució: Fins l'actualitat
    Created in 1886 under municipal ownership under the name of Barcelona Municipal School of Music (Escola Municipal de Música de Barcelona), the Conservatori has been the most important music education institution of Bacelona for over a century. It was created together with the Banda Municipal de Barcelona, with the aim of professionalizing the music sector. Its first director was Josep Rodoreda and musicians such as Antoni Nicolau (director between 1896 and 1930), Lluís Millet, Enric Morera and Eduard Toldrà taught there. Since 1928, it has occupied a modernist building on the corner of Carrer Bruc and Carrer Valencia, making the institution popularly known as the Conservatori del Bruc. In 1945, and under the direction of Joan Baptista Lambert, it was transformed by the new regulation of Spanish conservatories. It has been home to most of the country’s musicians. In 2001, with the creation of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Conservatory stopped being an institution of higher education.