Pilar Alonso Moll
Mahon , 15 de febrer de 1897
Madrid , 10 d'abril de 1980


Cuplet singer. She started singing within the family circle until she moved to Barcelona. After a moderate success in her debut at Saló Doré, she progressively gained fame thanks to the performance of songs and cuplets in Catalan, in addition to her repertoire in Spanish. At the beginning of the 1920s she performed in Madrid and Seville, where she achieved some success. In Catalonia, she became a prominent figure in the cupletist scene and variety shows. She performed constantly at theatres such as Eldorado and made multiple recordings. Furthermore, she was key in the popularization of songs such as ‘La Marieta de l’ull viu - Baixant de la Font del Gat’. Around 1925, she got married and abandoned the theatres completely endeding her artistic career.

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