Eusebi Bosch Humet
Sabadell , 27 d'octubre de 1860
Barcelona , 12 de gener de 1948
Composer, Performer i Teacher


Composer, violinist and teacher

He began his music studies in the family environment. Later, the studied violin, piano and composition with J. T. Vilar, J. M. Arteaga, D. Sánchez Deyá and G. Balart. In 1875 and 1880 he was the first violin in the orchestras of the Teatre Principal and the Societat de Concerts (Barcelona). Between 1882 and 1886, he was the first violin in Barbastre, and between 1886 and 1888, he conducted opera companies in several Spanish cities. During the 1890s, he obtained the position of director of the Escola de Música de Sabadell and later also that of the Municipal School of Vic. He also founded the Banda Municipal of Sabadell. Later in his life, he continued composing, conducting choirs and performing at the Escola Municipal de Sord-Muts (Barcelona). He also devoted himself to composition and won many prizes. His output includes music of all genres, such as stage and chamber music and sardanes. He is renowned for his choir and voice compositions, and for setting to music poems by J. Verdaguer and for harmonizing Catalan folk songs

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