Joana Fossa
Joana Baptista Fossa de Ferrer
Barcelona , 1823
Barcelona , 1873


She studied in Barcelona with Obiols. In 1839, when he was sixteen, he performed and premiered operas by Donizetti, Mercadante and Pacini at the Liceu Filodramàtic del Montsió (later Gran Teatre del Liceu). Four years later, she performed at Teatre Principal until 1851. That very same season, she debuted at Gran Teatre del Liceu where she performed until 1859. She married Joaquim Ferrer, the businessman who was responsible for the first lyrical season of the Teatre de Girona (inaugurated in 1860). She performed in that theater for the last show of the season and remained there until June 1861. In 1864 she moved to Madrid to perform at Teatro Rossini and achieved a remarkable success. This was the starting point of her performances across the Iberian Peninsula.

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