Joan Guillamí
Juan Guillamí - Joan Guillemí
Barcelona , 1702
Barcelona , 1769
Instrument Maker



Son of the cabinetmaker Rafael Guillamí, Joan established himself as an instrument maker on Carrer de Escudellers in Barcelona. He specialized in stringed instruments and promoted two models of violin: one of small size, close to those of the Neapolitan school, and one of a larger size, similar to those by Stradivarius. He achieved great prestige among instrument makers and, in 1745, he acted as an examiner for the guild of viol and guitar makers. His son Joan (1739-1819) continued with his work as instrument maker. The guitars of the Guillamí's workshop have the highest consideration among of the 18th century Catalan school of instrument makes. The Museum of Music of Barcelona holds a surviving cello by Guillamí of 1756.

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