Rafael Martínez Valls
Ontinyent , 12 d'octubre de 1895
Barcelona , 26 de desembre de 1946


His father who was subcantor taught him the principles of music. He studied with Manuel Ferrando González and in Valencia (where he moved in 1908) with J. Pastor and J.M. Úbeda composition and organ. He conducted the Banda Municipal and was pianist of Café Moderno. Later on, he traveled to Barcelona and settled in Madrid, where he worked as a répétiteur and organist of Teatro Real by recommendation of Emilio Serrano. Later, he returned to Barcelona to work as organist and composer as well as Kapellmeister of Sant Josep Oriol and Sagrada Família. He is best known for the success of his production of lyric theater in Catalan of the 1920s, with titles such as Cançó d’amor i de guerra (1926) or La legió d’honor (1930). In addition, he composed sacred and symphonic music, as well as music for music bands and movie soundtracks.

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