Tomàs Milans Godayol
Tomás MIlans
Canet de Mar , 1672
Girona , 1742
Composer i Performer


Kapellmeister and composer 

Together with his brother Carles Milans, he most probably begun his music education under Felip Olivelles at the music chapel of the Palau de la Comtessa of Barcelona. He became Kapellmeister of the same institution between 1702 and 1714. For reasons most likely related to the War of the Spanish Succession, he left this position and in October of 1714 and obtained the same one in Girona’s Cathedral. He retired in 1733 and was succeeded by Emmanuel Gònima. He is considered one of the greatest Catalan composers of the late Baroque, partly thanks to being acquaint with composers and musicians of the chapel of Archduke Charles III of Austria. 

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