Antoni Pérez Moya
Valencia , 13 de juny de 1884
Barcelona , 3 de març de 1964
Composer i Performer


Composer, conductor and organist 

At the age of five he moved to Barcelona where he began his musical education as a member of the Escolania of La Mercè’s Basilica in Barcelona. He later became Kapellmeister and organist of the same institution. He started conducting the Schola Cantorum of Sant Miquel and later became conductor of the Orfeó de Sants (1926-1958). In 1941, upon the death of Lluís Millet, he was appointed Kapellmeister of the Basilica of La Mercè. He composed an important number of choral pieces, sardanes and sacred music. He is currently renowned for the harmonization of Catalan folk songs.

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