Josep Pla Agustí
Josep Pla Ferrusola
Balaguer , 1728
Stuttgart , 1762
Composer i Performer


Oboist and composer

Member of the Pla family, his career was associated to that of his brother Joan Baptista Pla. There is documentation of the participation of the two brothers at the Concert Spirituel in Paris in 1751 and in London in 1753. He probably moved to Castile along with his brother Manuel Pla. In 1756, his Stabat Mater dedicated to the Count of Peñaflorida was performed at the sanctuary of Arantzazu. In 1759 he was a member of the Württemberg Court Orchestra. He died three years after touring Italy with his brother Joan Baptista. His music, including oboe concerts and music for flute and other instruments, are preserved in manuscript in several European libraries.

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