Pere Rabassa
Pedro Rabasa
Barcelona , 21 de setembre de 1683
Seville , 12 de desembre de 1767


Kapellmeister, composer and theorist

He began his music education with his uncle Ramon Rabassa, and later at the choir of the cathedral of Barcelona with Joan Barter and Francesc Valls. He was singer and harpist of the music chapell, and also assistant to VaIls. In 1713 he was appointed Kapellmeister of the cathedral of Vic and the following year he won the position in the cathedral of Valencia. In 1724, he moved to Seville and became Kapellmeister cathedral, a position he would held until the end of his life. Rabassa is an example of a Baroque composer who, thanks to his position in the music chapel of Archduke Charles of Austria, was familiar with Italian music. This music influenced his style incorporating, for example, more freedom in modulation. His large output is preserved in various peninsular archives, as well as in Guatemala and Mexico. He also authored the threatise reatise Guia para los principiantes (1726-1730).

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