Joan Crisòstom

Joan Crisòstom Ripollès
Torreblanca , 1678
Tarragona , 1 de desembre de 1746


Composer, alto singer and Kapellmeister 

Although we do not know the nature of his music education, in 1699 she was the first alto of the music chapel of the cathedral of Tarragona under the direction of Josep Escorigüela. He would become in 1708, the was a Kapellmeister of the same institution. His output was mainly focused on religious repertoire, with influence of the Venetian polychoral school and a highly inspired melodism that can be understood as the influence of the Music Chapel of the Archduke of Austria. Between 1704 and 1711, he produced an anthology (Libro de Musica) with 75 compositions from the main composers of the Catalan Countries. This anthology is found at the Jagiellonska Library of the University of Krakow.

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