Lluís Romeu Corominas
Luis Romeu
Vic , 1874
Vic , 1937


Composer and organist 

He began his music education at the Escola Municipal of Vic with Lluís G. Jordà and continued in Barcelona with Felip Pedrell. He was the Kapellmeister and organist of the cathedral of Vic between 1901 and 1920. He collaborated with Obra del Cançoner Popular de Catalunya, where he published La versió autèntica dels Goigs del Roser. He was one of the leaders in the changes in liturgical music and in the connection between the Gregorian tradition and popular music. He composed over 300 works, mainly religious music (songs, hymns, works for organ and an oratorio), although the harmonization of traditional Catalan songs has also been highly regarded. Some compositions are very well known as they are part of the religious repertoire of the 20th century.

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