Mercedes Belenguer Machancoses , M.Godoy
Valencia , 6 de juliol de 1889
Barcelona , 23 de juliol de 1965



Valencian author based in Barcelona who worked with her husband Francisco Codoñer. She wrote the lyrics of very popular songs and dances during the second third of the 20th century and with special influence during the 1940s. She and her husband were also known as Godoy and J. Lito, respectively, pseudonyms under which they signed many of their works.

Some of her most celebrated songs of the time include Mi casita de papel, Yo quiero un TBO and Amor que viene cantando, popularized by renowned vocalists such as Pepe Blanco, Jorge Sepúlveda and Carmen Morell. The couple's production included pieces in different dance styles: tangos, foxtrots, pasodobles and boleros.

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