Carles Saldanya Beut , Alady
Valencia , 6 d'octubre de 1902
Barcelona , 11 de setembre de 1968


Comedian, dancer and burlesque singer

He began working in variety at Teatre Arnau in 1918 and performed recurrently at the Còmic, Victòria and Apol·lo theatres in Barcelona’s Paral·lel. He also frequented Madrid stages, making his debut in 1926 at Teatro Romea. He was known by the stage name Alady, he wore a tuxedo, bowler hat and white gloves, moving away from the traditional comic look. He performed in the music hall with a style close to Parisian chansonniers. His shows were very popular and included a dialogue of jokes with the audience, dance and parody. Around 1930, he toured different Spanish provinces with his own company, which brought together dancers, an animal tamer and an illusionist, and had Miguel Mihura as a collaborator. He took part in vaudeville shows such as La reina ha relliscat of the Santpere-Nolla company offered at the Teatre Espanyol in 1932. That same year he was hired again at the Romea in Madrid, when the military coup took place. The so-called ‘King of the Parallel’ played supporting roles in films such as Armand Guerra's El amor solfeando (1930)

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