Júlia Sicard Segú
Valls , 6 de gener de 1885
Barcelona , 1 d'abril de 1973
Performer i Teacher


Pianist and pedagogue

At the age of eight she began her musical studies at the Conservatori del Liceu under Vicent Costa i Nogueras and Francesc de Paula Sánchez i Gavagnach. She obtained her Music and Piano Diploma in 1903. In January 1907, she made her concert debut at the Salle Érard in Paris and in March of that year she performed before Barcelona audiences at Teatre Principal.

In 1905 she obtained a position as a piano teacher at the Escoles Franceses in Barcelona. In 1933 she obtained a position to teach elementary piano at the Conservatori del Liceu, an institution where she taught until 1961.

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