Pere Sosa López
Requena (Plana d'Utiel) , 30 de gener de 1887
Valencia , 21 de desembre de 1953
Composer i Teacher



Composer and pedagogue

At the end of the 19th century, he entered the College of Corpus Christi in Valencia as a choirboy, under the tutelage of Francesc Peñarroja. He expanded his musical training by playing the trombone in the band of the Patronat de la Joventut Obrera and from 1902, under Salvador Giner and Amanci Amorós at the Conservatori de València. After obtaining several composition awards, in 1915 he began teaching solfeggio and harmony at this conservatory, obtained a professorship in 1928 and became its director between 1931 and 1933. Some of his disciples were Palau, Asins, Cervera and García Abril. Furthermore, he was president of the l’Associació Benèfica de Professors Músics de València of the Sindicat Professional de Músics.

As a composer he had a limited output, possibly due to his health issues. He achieved public recognition with the pasodoble Lo cant del valencià, premiered in 1914. He also composed zarzuelas such as Bohemia azul and El gran mandarín, as well as music for orchestra, band, choir, voice with accompaniment and piano solo.

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