Joaquim Vidal Nunell
Barcelona , 1880
Barcelona , 1964



He began his musical studies at the Conservatori del Liceu under Sadurní i Còdol, and was taught piano and composition by Costa i Nogueras, Sánchez i Gavagnach and Josep Ribera. After graduating in 1900, he became teaching assistant of solfeggio at the same conservatory and in 1910, after being covering Gonçal Tintorer as temporary singing teacher, he obtained a permanent position. In 1948 he was appointed professor of opera repertoire. He taught Mercè Capsir, Josefina Paulet, Josefina Blanch and Josep Grau, among others.

In 1916 he founded the Teatro Lírico Pràctico, a pedagogical institution that sought to thoroughly train beginner singers. He organized a stable lyrical company with students from this institution, which performed canonical works and new music in different Barcelona venues. From 1926 onwards, the institution was established at the Teatre Olimp, which changed its name to Sala Capsir as homage to his former student.

In 1918 he promoted the creation of El Arte Lírico, a monthly publication with a circulation of about ten issues.

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