Joan Baptista

Joan Baptista Vert Carbonell
Juan Bert
Carcaixent (Riberta Alta) , 22 d'abril de 1890
Madrid , 16 de febrer de 1931



He started learning music with his father and later studied in Ontinyent with the band conductor Enric Casanova and Manuel Ferrando. In 1908 he moved to Valencia, where he continued his studies with Emili Vega at the Conservatorio Superior de Música and in 1911 he settled in Madrid to complete his training at the Real Conservatorio.

In 1917 he premiered his first work at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, Las vírgenes paganas. From 1919 he partnered with the composer Reveriano Soutullo, becoming a prolific pair of lyrical creators who achieved a prominent place in the last heyday of the zarzuela genre. Together, they wrote over 30 works including La leyenda del beso (1924), La del soto del Parral (1927) and El último romántico (1928).

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