Gracià (Gracian)

Gracià (Gracian) Baban
Valencia , 1676


Kapellmeister and composer

There is uncertain information about his origins and education. Nevertheless, sources indicate that in 1649 he was Kapellmeister of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria in Daroca (Huesca). Four years later, in 1653, he succeeded Sebastian Alfonso in the Cathedral of Huesca. In 1657, an economic problem related to his pretensions led him to move to Valencia, where he was appointed Kapellmeister and held that position until his end of his life. He is considered a representative figure of the polychoral style, despite being associated with the Castilian style and not totally circumscribed the so-called Catalan-Valencian school. His motet Mandatum novum for four voices is performed nowadays during the celebration of Holy Thursday. Many of his works have survived in Latin American archives. The Archive of the Cathedral of Valencia preserves about 40 works, making him a prominent Hispanic composer of the 17th century.

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