Narcís Oliveras Guillamet
Tortellà , 20 de maig de 1901
Sant Joan de les Abadesses , 1980
Composer i Performer


He was known by the nickname ‘Siset’. He was member of cobla Asprit of Tortellà and La Principal de Tortellà. It is possible that in this last cobla he learned violin and harmony with Mestre Saderra. After furthering his studies in Barcelona, ​​he moved to Sant Joan de les Abadesses and took over the direction of its music school. In addition, he promoted the Orquestra Santjoanina and the cobla La Principal of Sant Joan de les Abadesses. He ended his musical career at La Nova Ripollesa. He composed a hundred sardanas, including the sardana revessa L'embolica-troques (1957).