Ramon Vilanova Barrera
Barcelona , 21 de gener de 1801
Barcelona , 14 de maig de 1870


Composer, organist and conductor

He was pupil of Josep Farrés in Barcelona and Jaume Domènech in Berga. After his return to Barcelona in 1814, he studied under Francesc Queralt and Mateu Ferrer. In 1829, he moved to Milan and studied with Gaetano Piantanida. Between 1830 and 1833, he was the Kapellmeister of the cathedral of Barcelona ,after which he was appointed director of Principal Theater’s company in Valencia. After returning once again to Barcelona, he devoted himself to teaching and had Vicenç Cuyàs, Pere Tintorer, Josep Piqué and Marià Obiols as his students. He composed religious music including Missa de Rèquiem (1839) for the victims of First Carlist War and the popular Missa Pastoril (1828). In addition, he composed keyboard music later published in Leipzig, New York and Paris.

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