Vicenç Cuyàs Borés
Palma , 6 de febrer de 1816
Barcelona , 7 de març de 1836



Cuyàs studied piano and lyrical singing in Barcelona with Ramon Vilanova. In 1835 he premiered two symphonies at the Teatre de la Santa Creu and composed several arias and lyrical duos. Two years later, the same theater commissioned a choral work for a gala, but he interrupted the task to write the opera seria La Fattucchiera (1838) in the style of Bellini. The opera enjoyed a great success, it not only was performed 24 times that season, but also some of the choral numbers became part of Clavé's choirs later on. He died of tuberculosis the day of the last performance. Thanks to the opera's success with audiences and critics, it has been considered a cornerstone and symbol of romantic opera in Catalonia.

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