Carles Baguer , Carlets
Carlos Baguer
Barcelona , 1 de març de 1768
Barcelona , 19 de febrer de 1808


Organist and composer

Baguer studied with his Uncle Francesc Mariner in Barcelona's cathedral, where he was appointed organist in 1789.

He taught composers such as Mateu Ferrer and Ramon Carnicer. Among his output, there are nineteenth classical symphonies, a concert for two bassoons, chamber music, organ and vocal music as well as oratorios such El regreso a Barcelona a su patra del Dr Josef Oriol (1807). In addition, he premiered the opera La principessa filosofa (1797) in Teatre de la Santa Creu, an opera with a libretto by Agustín Moreto which has been considered by some as a defence of emperor Charles VI during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714).

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