Ramon Carnicer Batlle
Tàrrega , 26 d'octubre de 1789
Madrid , 17 de març de 1855
Composer, Performer i Teacher


He was choirister in La Seu d'Urgell. In 1806 he moved to Barcelona, studied with Queralt and Baguer and familiarized himself with Italian opera. During the Peninsular War he moved to Mahon, where he met Karl-Ernst Cook. After the war, Carnicer returned to Barcelona and was soon sent to Italy to recruit an opera troupe for Teatre de la Santa Creu (Barcelona) which turned out ot be that of Pietro Generali. In 1818 he took over the direction of the theater himself and programmed operas by Rossini. Rossini did also influence his own style, as can be apreciated in his Don Giovanni Tenorio or his overture on Rossini's Il barbiere di Sviglia (1818). Because of his liberal ideas, he went into exile to Paris (1823) and then to London (1826), where he published Six Spanish Airs and the national anthem of Chile. Back in Barcelona, he was forced to settle in Madrid to succeed Mercadante (1828-1845) in the Court theaters. There, he was appointed founder-professor of composition of the Conservatory and had Barbieri and Saldoni as students. His output includes over 200 works.