Lluïsa Bosch Pagès
Altstätten , 1880
Barcelona , 1961
Composer, Performer i Teacher


Harpist, Teacher and Composer

She studied at the Conservatory of Geneva with J. Dalcroze and E. Tramonti (harp), and at the Paris Conservatoire with A. Hasselmans. In Barcelona, she studied composition under Pedrell.

In addition to being a renowned soloist, she taught harp at the conservatories of Geneva and Lausanne (1916-1932), as well as other European cities, and was lecturer of Pau Casals Institute in Barcelona (1931- 1936). Her harp method was used in the conservatories of Paris, Saint Petersburg and Latin America. In addition to teaching, she also had other interests such as music journalism (which he practiced both in Buenos Aires and Barcelona) and in ancient music. She collected ancient instruments and founded the Association of Ancient Music of Barcelona (1934). Probably for this reason, Pedrell dedicated his Cancionero musical popular and the prize at the International Music Exhibition of Geneva (1927) to her.

She also composed chamber music for harp.

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