Manuel Burgès Juanico
Manuel de Burgos
Barcelona , 10 de gener de 1874
Barcelona , 3 de novembre de 1945


Teacher, composer and music promoter

He studied at the Escola Municipal de Música de Barcelona and later in Cologne, where he obtained his PhD. After returning to Catalonia he founded the Escola Musical Internacional and the Barcelona Concert Society (Societat Barcelonesa de Concerts, 1898). Thanks to this institutional affiliation, he maintained correspondence with European composers such as Saint-Saëns, Grieg, D'Indy, Massenet and Charpentier. He was also teacher of Acadèmia Ainaud and Centre Artístic Musical until his death. His output consists mainly of symphonic, chamber and piano music but also opera, sardanes and choral music. His bucolic poem for voice and piano La vida al camp (1890) enjoyed many performances throughout Europe.

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