Joan Baptista

Joan Baptista Cabanilles
Algemesí , 1644
Valencia , 29 d'abril de 1712
Composer i Performer


Composer and Organist

His music education started in the church of Algemesí and developed later in Valencia's Cathedral. In 1665 he was appointed second organist and a year later first organist of the same cathedral. He held that position for 45 years, only interrupted by the period 1675 to 1677, when he temporarily  took on the responsibilities of Kappelmeister until Teodor Ortells was appointed. His output includes many compositions for the organ (tientos, tocatas, passacaglias and versos) which have been considered the culmination of the Iberian baroque music for the organ for his virtuosism and advanced musical language. He also composed sacred vocal music, for up to 13 voices, that have been highly regarded.

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