Joan Gay Planella
Barcelona , 19 de març de 1867
Buenos Aires , 16 de gener de 1926



He studied with Vidiella (piano), Baucis (cello), Alió (composition) and Rodríguez de Alcántara (harmony). He also studied drawing and painting. He worked as pianist and musical organizer at Ateneu Barcelonès, among other places. He was the founder of Orfeó Català, where he conducted children’s and young ladies’s sections. Later, he founded the Institució Catalana de Música, a split of Orfeó, and from 1901 he conducted Societat Coral Catalunya. That same year, he collaborated with Morera in Teatre Líric Català. Years later, he moved to Havana and set up the Orfeó Català of the city. In 1924 he moved to Argentina, where he worked as a teacher, composer and conductor of stage music. As a composer, he devoted himself to teatre líric and to music for voice and piano, in addition to some ballables for solo piano, choir and chamber music.

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