Nicolau Manent Puig
Mahon , 22 de juny de 1827
Barcelona , 11 de maig de 1887
Composer i Performer


He was a pupil of Benet Andreu and, at the age of nine, he was part of the Orchestra of the Teatre Principal de Maó as a flute and then a double bass player. He began composing works at the age of twelve and in 1845 he moved to Barcelona where he studied with Mateu Ferrer. Member of the Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, he was the Kapellmeister of the parish of Sant Jaume. He is considered one of the great proponents of zarzuela in Barcelona with titles such as Los estudiantes de Cervera (1871) with the text of Serafí Pitarra or El gran conquistador (1881). He also composed nine symphonies (such as La Euterpense (1870), created on melodies by Josep Anselm Clavé), ballets, two operas (Gualterio de Montsonis and La vecchia zitella) and a Requiem Mass (1864) dedicated to Mateu Ferrer and co-written with Baltasar Saldoni.

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