Frank Marshall King
Mataró , 28 de novembre de 1883
Barcelona , 29 de maig de 1959
Performer i Teacher


Pianist and pedagogue

Descendant of an English family, he studied at the Conservatory of the Gran Teatre del Liceu with Francesc de Paula Sánchez Gavagnach and Antonio Puyé and, later, with Enric Granados at the Granados Academy. In 1907 Granados appointed him deputy director of the institution and, on his death, he succeeded him as director. In 1920, the institution changed its name to Marshall Academy. Marshall took over the pedagogical task with an outstanding international career that led him to offer concerts around Europe. In 1925 he made recordings for Welte-Mignon and in 1926 and 1927 he was soloist under the baton of Manuel de Falla at the Falla Festivals of Barcelona. He was the main teacher of Alicia de Larrocha and wrote several treatises on piano teaching, such as Estudio práctico sobre los pedales del piano (1919) and Mecanismos del pedal y la sonoridad del piano (1940). He composed Suite Catalonia (1907).

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