Isidre Molas Font
Barcelona , 1899
Barcelona , 1969
Composer i Performer


He studied at the Escola Municipal of Music with Enric Morera, Lluís Millet and Jaume Pahissa, and later in Paris with Paul Dukas. He founded the Associació Catalana d'Artistes (1920-1923) and conducted its orchestra. He also conducted the Schola Cantorum of Gràcia (1922-1932) and the Agrupació Coral de Música Antiga (1929-1932). Molas also trained to be a teacher and taught harmony, violin, instrumentation and composition. In the years of the Republic he was president of the Federació de Sindicats de Músics de Catalunya. During the Civil War he lived in Majorca, where he performed Érase una vez and founded the Orquestra de Cambra (later Symphonic Orchestra of Majorca). Upon retirement he worked in orchestras of the Parallel and founded ISMO publishing house. He composed sardanes for cobla ensemble such as A l’enamorada (1918), chamber music (Trio for strings in G minor), as well as choral and symphonic music.

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