Emili Pujol Vilarrubí
Granadella , 7 d'abril de 1886
Barcelona , 15 de novembre de 1980
Composer, Performer i Musicologist


Composer, guitarist and musicologist

He studied bandurria with M. Ramos at the Escola Municipal de Música of Barcelona and, later, guitar with Francesc Tàrrega. In 1909 he moved to Madrid to study with Agustín Campo. He began touring Latin America in 1918 and Europe in 1921, sometimes accompanied by guitarist Matilde Cuervas, his wife. In the 1920s, following the advice from Felip Pedrell and Lionel de la Laurencie, he began his pioneering research on the historical guitar. He also transcribed 16th-century vihuela and 17th-century guitar music and published it in four volumes as Monumentos de la música española. He was one of the first persons to use a copy of a vihuela in a concert. He taught at the Conservatori de Música of Barcelona and that of the Lisbon (1946-1949), as well as in Siena and Cervera, and was considered an outstanding pedagogue. He composed music for the guitar and authored Tárrega: ensayo biográfico (1960) and the guitar method Escuela razonada de la guitarra in 5 volumes (1932-1933).