Francesc Tàrrega Eixea
Francisco Tárrega Eixea
Vila-Real , 21 de novembre de 1852
Barcelona , 15 de desembre de 1909


Guitarist, pedagogue and composer

He began his guitar studies with in Castelló and from 1863 in Barcelona. In 1874, he enrolled at the Conservatory of Madrid and studied composition (with Emilio Arrieta) and piano. Although his intention was not prone to continue his guitar studies, Arrieta urged him to focus on the instrument. Thus, he started an artistic career that took him around Europe. He is considered founder of a guitar school that sought greater expressiveness in sound and an articulation produced from the tip of the finger instead of the nail. In addition to the multiple transcriptions of classical music, he composed Variacions sobre el Carnaval de Venècia (1880) and Recuerdos de la Alhambra using a romantic style with many elements of traditional and popular music. Emili Pujol and Miquel Llobet were two of his students.