Joaquim Serra Corominas
Joaquín Serra Corominas
Peralada , 1907
Barcelona , 1 de setembre de 1957



He began musical education with his father, Josep Serra, and his aunt Àngela Corominas. After he moved to Barcelona, he studied at the Escola Municipal of Barcelona with Lluís Millet and Enric Morera. He studied violin with Eduard Toldrà, who also influenced him aesthetically. He started composing songs and sardanes, and in 1926 he won the V Concepció Ravell Musical Contest for his Trio per a piano (1926). In 1931, he presented Variacions per orquestra i piano, and in 1936 Tempesta esvaïda, a dramatic-lyrical work premiered amid the civil war. In 1933 he became pianist at Ràdio Associació de Catalunya where he would be appointed music director years later. After suffering reprisals after the war, in 1945 he was appointed music director of Esbart Verdaguer, for which he composed and arranged music to be choreographed, such as La presó de Lleida. In the 1950s, he was the director of the record collections of Radio Nacional de España. He composed the treatise Tractat d’instrumentació per a cobla (1956).

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