Jeroni de la Torre
Valencia , 20 de juliol de 1672
Composer i Performer


Organist and composer

In 1627 became organist in Tarragona and in 1636 he obtained a position in the cathedral of Barcelona. In 1645 he was appointed second organist in the cathedral of Valencia, assistant to Andreu Pérez. In 1665 he suffered an injury which forced him to retire, being replaced by Joan B. Cabanilles, who possibly received his instruction.

The cataloguing of the composer’s output is complex due to the existence of a homonymous composer, perhaps a relative, who was organist in Zaragoza by the 17th or 18th centuries. The most accepted criterion is the one that considers the compositions that survive in Tarragona, Barcelona and Valencia as his own. The authorship of the homonymous composer is thus associated with the music that remains or has been catalogued in Zaragoza.

His output includes eight tonos, a Salve Regina and Gozos a San Bruno for four voices.

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