Baldomer Cateura Turró
Palamós , 11 de desembre de 1856
Barcelona , 26 de gener de 1929
Performer i Instrument Maker


Instrument maker, performer and businessman

He studied under Joan Marull, Antoni Roger and Josep Pou. In 1874 he specialized as a bandurrista. He took part in an ensemble of plucked string instruments led by Miquel Mas i Bargalló. With this and other ensembles he gave concerts around Europe for five years. In 1887 he established himself as an entrepreneur in Barcelona. As an inventor and instrument maker, he made some of the most important contributions are the Spanish mandolin as well as the so-called Cateura piano-pédalier, designed in the late 19th century. The later consisted in a six-pedal system to be attached to any upright piano that expanded the timbre possibilities of the instrument. In 1896, he presented the invention in Paris and the pianist Maria Lluïsa Ponsa offered its first audition in Barcelona at the III Exposició de Belles Arts i Indústries Artístiques. He was a close friend of Francesc Tàrrega and frequented the circles of Enric Granados, Joaquim Malats, Pau Casals and Miquel Llobet. Costa Nogueras and Granados composed works for the Cateura piano-pédalie

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