Joan Suñé Masià
Amposta (Montsià) , 30 d'octubre de 1866
Barcelona , 28 d'abril de 1947
Composer i Performer


Composer, flutist and pedagogue

He was fond of the flute from a very young age. He studied under Antoni Nicolau at the Escola Municipal de Música of Barcelona, where he would later teach. In 1903 he won a flute position in the Banda Municipal of Barcelona. Around the same time, he played with the orquestrina of the Edèn Concert and created his first couplets for the performers of that venue.

Suñé was a pioneer couplet composer in Barcelona. Among his output of hundreds of cuplets, La font del Xirineu (sung by Raquel Meller), La ginestaire, La pubilla catalana, La Chotisófila, Tururú and El Liberal stand out. He also composed sardanes and dances as well as the stage music pieces such as El final del cuento, boceto dramático-lírico —premiered in 1910 at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid and the anthem Oh! Amposta composed in 1919.


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