Jaume Joan

Jaume Joan Lleys Agramont
Figueres , 1802
Castelló d'Empúries , 20 de gener de 1853
Composer i Performer


In the register of musicians of the cathedral of Girona he signed as a ‘music student from Barcelona’, having studied there under F. Andreví. In 1820, he was appointed Kapellmeister of Girona’s Cathedral, a position he left in January 1822 due to the financial problems of the diocese. In September 1923 he was reinstated but he soon obtained a teaching post in Castelló d’Empúries in the spring of 1824, which he would keep until the end of his life. He was a renowned composer and his music was disseminated across multiple parishes. This output was mainly religious, but also included some secular pieces. Some of his most remarkable works are the Stabat Mater for choir and orchestra, premiered by the Societat de Concerts de Barcelona in 1845, the motet Iesu, Rex mitis for 3 voices (1849) and Tema con Variaciones para el Violoncello. During his stay in Castelló he wrote treatises on harmony, composition, counterpoint and fugue which were praised by F. Pedrell. Lleys had a great pedagogical influence in the Alt Empordà. I. Lleys, A. Cotó, C. Candi and B. Frígola were among his disciples.

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