Francesc Andreví Castellar
Abbé Andrevi
Sanaüja , 1786
Barcelona , 23 de novembre de 1853



Descendant of an Italian family, he studied music at La Seu d'Urgell and later in Barcelona under Joan Quintana and Francesc Queralt. Between the 1800s and 1830s, he was kapelleister in Tafalla's church and of the Cathedrals of Sogorb, Valencia, Seville and Santa Maria del Mar (Barcelona). In 1830, he was appointed master of the Royal Chapell in Madrid, winning the examination against Eslava, Carnicer, A. Ibánez and I. Soriano. Due to the Carlist War, he moved to France between 1836 and 1848, and was appointed Kapellmeister in Bodeaux and organist in Paris. He finally returned to Barcelona where he was appointed master of Mercé's basilica. His output is extensive and mainly consisting of religious and liturgical music, in addition to two oratorios. His music has survived in the archives of the cities where he developed his activity, with the exception of twenty-two pieces printed in Paris. In addition, he published a harmony treatise (1848).

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