Pura Montoro Rodríguez
Valencia , 1892
Barcelona , 12 de febrer de 1915


Zarzuela and revue singer

In 1908 she settled in Barcelona and sung zarzuela, revue and operetta. In 1910 she performed at Teatre Tívoli in La corte del Faraón (with music by Lleó). The following year she premiered the lyrical sainete Gente menuda (with music by Valverde) at Teatre Còmic, and in 1912 Abierta toda la noche, (with music by Quislant i Badia) at Tívoli. In 1913 she took part in the premiere of El casament d’en Tarregada (with music by Francesc Montserrat) at the Teatre Nou.Despite numerous offers to perform outside of Barcelona, the so-called "Queen of the Parallel", performed mainly in theatres located on Avinguda Parallel, with very few exceptions. She had a light voice and imitated singers such as Pastora Imperio, La Fornarina and the French Nitta Jo, among others.She obtained a wide success acting with Joaquim Montero’s company, particularly in the revues ¡Arriba el telón! and Monterògraf. While rehearsing Cuando el amor muere with this company, she succumbed to the typhus epidemic that affected Barcelona between 1914 and 1915.

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