Juan-Eduardo Cirlot Laporta
Barcelona , 9 d'abril de 1916
Barcelona , 11 de maig de 1973


Poet, art critic, essayist and composer

Renowned art critic, poet and symbolist. Cirlot's relationship with music did not go beyond 1950. He studied with Ferran Ardèvol Miralles and was a member of the Cercle Manuel de Falla. He acquainted important figures in the cultural and avant-garde scene, including Alfonso Buñuel, André Breton and the musicologist Marius Schneider, who introduced him to the world of symbolism. He became a specialist of this field, as shown by his publication Diccionario de los símbolos. He was also acquainted to members of Dau al Set. He composed a dozen musical works, including Sonet (1950) for soprano and trumpet, with text by Joan Brossa. In addition, he published various articles and monographs by composers such as Frederic Mompou, Ernest Xancó, as well as Stravinsky, Schönberg and Scriabin.

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