Pere Vallribera Moliné
Sallent , 27 de gener de 1903
Barcelona , 7 de març de 1990
Performer i Teacher


Pianist and teacher

He studied in his hometown. He was very gifted musically and studied with Josep Barberà and later with Isidor Philipp in Paris. He was appointed professor of piano at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu and taught many subjects. In addition, he was appointed pedagogical director of the same conservatory and carried out an important task. According to the annals, he is the pianist who has most often performed at the Palau de la Música as a soloist and accompanying chamber and orchestra ensembles (it is estimated to have performed on over 250 occasions). He accompanied important figures of the European music scene such as Conxita Badia, Renata Tebaldi, Eduard Toldrà, Montserrat Caballé and Jean Pierre-Rampal, among many others.

He was an important figure in Catalan music of the 20th century. He composed some musical pieces including many sardanes, nadales, goings and songs.

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