Montserrat Campmany Cortés
Barcelona , 1901
Buenos Aires , 1995
Composer i Teacher


Composer and Teacher

As a child, she and her family moved to Argentina. In Buenos Aires she studied under Guido Cappocci (singing), Julián Aguirre (piano) and Constatino Gaito (composition). In 1919 she obtained the first composition prize of the Orfeó Català in Buenos Aires with Raïms i espigues. She returned to Barcelona in 1929, where the Pau Casals Orchestra premiered Danza India and Poemas de Cuyo, pentatonal pieces of Inca inspiration. She furthered her education under Joan Llongueres, Joan Massià and Blanca Selva. In 1940 she moved to Buenos Aires where she worked intensively as a teacher of the Escuela Normal nº1, and took composition lessons with Carlos Vega. From the 1950s onwards, she abandoned the language of music nationalism and oral music to explore dodecatonism.

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