Joan Llongueres Badia
Joan Llongueras Badia
Barcelona , 6 de juny de 1880
Barcelona , 13 d'octubre de 1953


Composer and Teacher

He studied piano, harmony and composition with Mas i Serracant, Granados, Morera and Millet. Between 1901 and 1918 he founded and directed the Escola Coral and the Escola Municipal de Música in Terrassa. In 1911, he traveled to France, Germany and Switzerland, where he earned certificates in the Jaques-Dalcroze Institute of Hallerau and that of Geneva. He later introduced the Dalcroze method in Catalonia. Based in the Dalcroze method, he created and directed the Institut Català de Rítmica i Plàstica in 1912 and the Academy of Music of Barcelona in 1942. His compositions were closely related to teaching, including music for children stage performances. He also arranged popular songs and composed music for choir and piano. In addition to his composition, he became a prominent figure also for his publications on pedagogy. He was also a music critic, wrote poetry and essay and organized cultural events.

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