Lluís Vicenç

Lluís Vicenç Gargallo
Barcelona , 1682
Composer i Performer


Kapellmeister and composer

Probably of Valencian origin, he studied at the cathedral of Valencia (1648-1652). After becoming a Kapellmeister of Huesca’s Cathedral (1659) and sitting a competitive examination for the Corpus chapel of Valencia (1662), he was appointed Kapellmeister in Barcelona's Cathedral (1667). Part of his duties as Kapellmeister were composing for the chapel (74 of such works have been preserved including sacred music, vilancets and tonos) and instructing the students (for example J. Gaz). He was in contact with the most renowned composers of his time, including Cererols and Cabanilles. His Historia de Joseph and Aquí de la fe are considered the oldest oratorio compositions of the Iberian Peninsula.

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