Carme Karr Alfonsetti
Barcelona , 16 de març de 1865
Barcelona , 29 de desembre de 1943


Journalist, writer and composer

She was born in a wealthy family. She was the granddaughter of the director of Érard of París and the niece of the writer Jean-Baptiste A. Karr. She was a feminist activist, Catalanist and pacifist, all aspects that were central in her career in journalism (L'Avenç, Joventut and La Voz de Catalunya) as well as in her fiction and theatre writing. She was a music critic, sometimes writing under a pseudonym. As director of Feminal magazin between 1907 and 1917, she disseminated female composition and published some compositions. She composed mainly works for voice and piano with texts of contemporary Catalan poets (including those of Apel·les Mestres) and a zarzuela. She had a notable public presence in the intellectual and cultural scene, and some of her works are considered key to understand the feminist movement of the period.

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